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The Tennessee Business Education Association (TBEA) 
is an affiliate of the Southern Business Education and 
National Business Education Associations (
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SBEA Award Nominations
NBEA Award Nominations

Join TBEA in congratulating Ms. Tanika Lester, 
TBEA's 2016-17 Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations Tanika!

TBEA Mission:

  • To ENABLE students to identify, commit to and attain personal and career goals in an increasingly complex, pluralistic and changing world.
  • To DEVELOP self-directed, lifelong learners who integrate analytical thinking skills to solve problems, who can communicate well, who can read and understand what they have read, who have a firm basis in English and math and who can continue to learn as jobs continue to change. 

  • To LEAD students to entry-level employment in a career field and/or continuation of education, enable advancement in a career and aid in adaptation to changing technology. 

  • To EDUCATE in terms of global community, to develop appreciation for cultural diversity and to teach interdisciplinary relationships.

TBEA Constitution & Bylaws