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The Tennessee Business Education Association (TBEA)
is an affiliate of the Southern Business Education (SBEA) and
National Business Education Associations (
National Business Honor Society

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Outstanding business educators are recognized annually by TBEA, SBEA and NBEA.  All members are encouraged to review the award guidelines and nominate members for awards. 

TBEA Award Nominations
SBEA Award Nominations 
NBEA Award Nominations



TBEA Mission:

  • To ENABLE students to identify, commit to and attain personal and career goals in an increasingly complex, pluralistic and changing world.
  • To DEVELOP self-directed, lifelong learners who integrate analytical thinking skills to solve problems, who can communicate well, who can read and understand what they have read, who have a firm basis in English and math and who can continue to learn as jobs continue to change. 

  • To LEAD students to entry-level employment in a career field and/or continuation of education, enable advancement in a career and aid in adaptation to changing technology. 

  • To EDUCATE in terms of global community, to develop appreciation for cultural diversity and to teach interdisciplinary relationships.

TBEA Constitution & Bylaws